Writer/Director/Producer Mark Krenzien has enjoyed a diverse film and television career for more than thirty-five years. Beginning as an Emmy-winning film editor, and then as a cinematographer, Mark’s early credits include Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as well as music videos for numerous international pop stars.

Mark has written, produced, and directed documentaries for ABC, HBO, Showtime, and Discovery. Krenzien has also written screenplays for Universal, Paramount, and Showtime for whom he also directed the award-winning drama, The Letters From Moab, which screened at Sundance, Berlin, Deauville and other international film festivals.

More recently, Mark has been the writer, producer, and/or director of 12 large-format IMAX films including Humpback Whales, Journey to the South Pacific, Adventures in Wild California, The Mystery of the Nile, The Alps, Grand Canyon Adventure, and Arabia, all for MacGillivray Freeeman Films.

As an environmental activist and outdoor enthusiast, Krenzien particularly enjoys the challenge of filming in demanding far-flung locations from war-torn Iraq and earthquake ravaged Haiti—to a giant NASA clean room and idyllic tropical Tonga.


Don founded Giant Screen Films together with his brother Steve with a mission to bring enriching and impactful theatrical experiences to audiences worldwide. As a former history teacher, Don’s decision to devote his career to educational documentary film production was a natural one.   In 2009, he founded D3D Cinema, a sister company of GSF dedicated to digital 3D theater integration and film production.  Don received a BA in history from Dartmouth College and an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago.  He lives in the Chicago area with his wife Kathy and three boys Jack, Tommy and Hank.


Mark has over fourteen years experience in the entertainment and new media businesses, with roles that have encompassed all aspects of project development, implementation and oversight. In his current role he oversees all of K2’s theatrical and non-theatrical distribution efforts. Mark has spearheaded the theatrical and subsequent non-theatrical launches of four K2 releases over the past 4 years (The Ultimate Wave Tahiti, Legends of Flight, Rescue, and Space Junk). Mark also managed the sales and distribution of K2’s previous releases Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, which has been leased by more than 100 IMAX theaters, and 3D Sun, K2’s first digital 3d production. During his time, Mark has expanded K2’s theatrical distribution beyond IMAX theaters to include digital 3D and 4D theaters, “attraction theaters,” and digital “full dome” planetariums. In 2004, Mark also led K2’s pioneering effort to broaden the distribution of IMAX-format films to non-theatrical media, starting with High Definition and Standard Definition television, and growing to include hotels, airlines, broadband sites and more. After starting with HD and SD, K2 has continued to be a leader as new TV markets developed, including 3D TV, and now 4K “UHD TV.” In addition to distributing its own films, under Mark’s supervision K2 has acquired a library of more than 70 IMAX-format films from more than 25 independent producers. Previously, Mark helped launch, and later served as publisher and editor of the leading consumer resource for the IMAX® format film business,, and went on to perform the same role for, the companion web site for K2’s TV show, The Best of California. In conjunction with website editor Paula Taglé, Mark has also overseen the development and launch of other K2 web site properties, including its corporate web site, and the websites for all of K2’s films.

Andy serves as a producer on many of Giant Screen Films’ original productions as well as oversees company strategy, film project development and partnerships. He functions in a similar capacity for GSF’s sister company, D3D Cinema, specializing in museum cinema design, installation and signature film production.  Prior to GSF & D3D, Andy served as Director of Business Operations at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia where he was introduced to (and captivated by) the giant screen and IMAX industry.  With degrees in Zoology and Film Production from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, he is passionate about documentary films that inspire young audiences to explore their world through science.  Andy grew up in the cities of Pennsylvania and the hollers of West Virginia, starkly different environs that equally shaped his fascination with nature and culture.  His passion for filmmaking specifically grew out of his many years spent shooting and editing skateboarding videos in the early 90s.  Andy lives in Evanston IL with his wife, Deborah, and rambunctious toddler daughter, Beatrix.

Executive Producer

Prior to launching K2 Communications nearly 15 years ago, Bob Kresser was agency principal of one of the West Coast’s largest independent ad agencies, Kresser/Craig. He sold the agency to produce high quality television programming, and eventually brought this quality to the huge screen. It is with this background he introduced the first independent integrated production, distribution and marketing – one stop shop – for Giant Screen films. Bob is now CEO of K2 Communications, which operates as an IMAX® format film studio, handling funding, production oversight, distribution and marketing for IMAX® format theatrical releases, as well as an extensive list of ancillary media. K2 created the launch advertising and promotion for the first day-and-date national release for an IMAX® format film after securing a $6 million sponsor for Everest (Polartec), which became one of the 3 top grossing large format films of all time. Under Bob’s leadership, K2 pioneered what is now called branded entertainment in both television (The Best of California, Self Made in California) and IMAX format films (Adventures in Wild California, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti, Legends of Flight, and Rescue). Bob was also one of the first to see the future of television shifting to Video on Demand, leading to the formation of K2 Studios (Havoc TV).


Ed Capelle has more than 25 years combined experience in the entertainment and large-format (LF) film industries. He currently is senior vice president of K2 Communications. Capelle is responsible for distribution of K2’s LF content with joint involvement in production and new project development.

Prior to K2 Capelle managed a consulting company that provided strategic planning, and operational services to the LF theater, film production, distribution, theme park and new media industries.

He also served as chief executive of National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) LF Distribution division. Capelle was responsible for co-producing and distributing NWF’s LF library. BEARS and INDIA-KINGDOM OF THE TIGER are among the films he co-produced for NWF.

As President of Film and Distribution for Destination Cinema, a Utah-based company, Capelle was responsible for production and distribution of the company’s LF films. He raised approximately $6.5 million in film funding for two projects. He co-produced MYSTERIES OF EGYPT, one of the LF industry’s most successful films. Total box office gross has exceeded $100 million. In addition, he was also actively involved in the company’s theater business with site selection, operations and marketing.